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FamilyForward helps families reach financial and career goals and gain skills to rise above poverty.

Formed in 2003, FamilyForward (formerly known as Faith Community Homes) partners with faith organizations, governmental entities, businesses and individuals to serve and empower low-income, working families in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, including those who reside and/or work in Arlington Heights, Palatine and surrounding areas. 

Mother and Child

Who We Help

Low-income, working parents often face incredible obstacles as they struggle to provide for their families and live their best lives. FamilyForward is there for them — providing the financial fortification (rent support) and other help they urgently need to be able to focus on improving their life circumstances. We partner with parents to boost their personal and financial confidence and strength. With each step forward, participants gain renewed hope, as they work to fulfill their dreams for a brighter future. To date, 85% of families served have been able to meet their expenses, pay bills on time, reduce debts and increase their incomes by the time they complete the program.

How We Help

In addition to financial support for apartment rental, we provide targeted coaching from professional case managers and trained volunteer mentors; strategies to fund tuition costs and other skills training to enable parents to qualify for better, higher paying jobs; and other support services. By working toward defined goals, program participants move from underemployment to better jobs and successful careers. Parents are able to build stable, secure households for their families.


Our tagline is Mentor. Empower. Thrive. This action statement succinctly conveys both the heart of the work we do and the remarkable progress of families who complete our two-year program. You can help by volunteering your time, donating goods, becoming a mentor, or participating as an individual or corporate financial supporter. 

Work Desk

Our History

Since 2003, FamilyForward (formerly known as Faith Community Homes) has been nurturing and building on the seeds planted by the churches of the Arlington Heights Ministerial Association. It was a bold idea to come together to support, mentor, and subsidize housing for low-income families. 

As our 501(c)(3) charitable organization has established roots and grown over the years, we continue to recognize and celebrate the vital partnerships of many faith organizations, individuals, organizations, businesses and government entities.

As the need only continues to increase, FamilyForward seeks to welcome more people and organizations to join our ongoing mission.

We equip parents to build stable households for happy families. 


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