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Two-year program leads to long-term impact

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Meg’s story is an example of the positive, long-term impact that FamilyForward can make in a family’s life.

Mom and two sons - Family Success Story, FamilyForward blog
Stock photo from Pixabay

It has been seven years since “Meg” began working with FamilyForward/Faith Community Homes, and five years since she graduated from our program. From the very beginning, Meg told her volunteer mentors that her goal was to finish her degree. And sure enough, recently she contacted her mentors to tell them that she had completed her degree and passed the professional licensing exam. In fact, Meg’s mentor and her FamilyFoward case manager attended her graduation ceremony!

With a degree and a professional license, Meg was eligible to apply for a variety of jobs. She was quickly hired in a new position, earning four times what she was making when she first entered our program.

All along, Meg’s first priority, of course, was to be available for her children. As a result, she could only take one class per semester while she continued to work full time. But she persisted in gradually making her dream come true. She reported that this achievement was only possible because of the support of FamilyForward.

Coaching, mentoring help

Before entering our program, Meg and her children had unstable housing and an unknown future. FamilyForward helped them get an apartment of their own. Meg’s mentors helped her create a realistic budget and develop a plan to replenish her savings. Once her housing was stable and her finances were under control, Meg could concentrate on taking classes toward her degree.

Meg kept in touch with her mentors and her case manager after her two years in our program ended. They provided advice when she asked for it and encouragement when she needed it. They met her for coffee a few times a year to catch up. FamilyForward also gave Meg gift cards for Christmas gifts and school supplies because those are financially challenging times of year for her.

Meg’s story is an example of the positive, long-term impact that FamilyForward can make in a family’s life. Throughout the two-year program, the foundation we lay — through caring, customized mentoring and case management — can help a parent achieve goals well after their time in our program has concluded. Meg told her mentors that without FamilyForward, she would not be where she is today.


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