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Embracing our forward momentum

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

The dedication of our supporters is inspiring and motivating!

Erica Chianelli, Executive Director, FamilyForward

As Thanksgiving approaches, I am especially grateful for all who make a difference in the community. Words cannot fully express the gratitude I continue to feel in reflecting on our Giving Hope: Home Coming fundraiser luncheon on October 2. As my first Giving Hope event with FamilyForward, I am still overwhelmed by the generosity displayed.

From the sponsors to the prize donors; the attendees to the bidders; the volunteers to the entertainers; those who couldn’t attend but still donated — to the powerful family story shared that day — WOW. I am in awe at the dedication of our supporters. It is inspiring and motivating. It is a testament to the great work of FamilyForward and the passion we all share for our mission and the families we serve.

As the need for our services continues to grow, we are eternally grateful for all of you who enable us to keep pushing forward. I loved meeting people whom I have only seen on paper, and putting faces to names. I loved seeing friends reunited, catching up and swapping stories. I loved watching long-time supporters meeting new ones. I loved the fact that I could wear my beloved Loyola Ramblers sweatshirt and jeans! The casual, loving vibe of the event really made it feel like a family reunion. It felt like a giant hug as together we embraced our forward momentum, moving ever ahead. As a newbie observer, it was really exciting to witness. Read more, here

I was also excited to see the engagement of our newly formed Advisory Board. Formed in August, this group consists of 14 professionals in the community whose purpose is to serve as ambassadors for FamilyForward and raise the profile of the organization, expanding our reach into new networks and growing our foundation of supporters through community outreach, fundraising, and increased awareness of our organization. It was encouraging to see this new group jump in and solicit and secure numerous raffle and silent-auction prizes, and attend the event to show their support.

So, I thank you. THANK YOU for your loyalty and continued support. I welcome your feedback at any time. Feel free to email me or call 847-342-0846. I look forward to further developing relationships as we work together to transform lives, one family at a time.


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