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JOY STORIES: Fall and winter 2020

Read these stories of progress and hope from three families who completed the Faith Community Homes program at the end of 2020.

Dad completes degree, helps family reach financial stability

Mom and Dad C, married parents of two children, finished the Faith Community Homes program at the end of 2020. When they applied to our program, they had less than $100 in the bank. The rent subsidy and mentoring they received allowed them to stay in their apartment, get caught up on bills and put some money into savings.

During this two-year period, Dad C re-enrolled in online college classes to finish his degree and was on track to graduate with his bachelor’s degree. After a time of unemployment due to COVID-related job loss, he was hired for new, full-time work in December.

When Mom C’s work hours were cut back due to the pandemic, she turned her focus to balancing work and managing her children’s e-learning.

The Cs have been down a bumpy road. However, with money in the bank and a plan for the future, they are better equipped to handle emergencies that might come their way.

Extra help during COVID instills hope

The Y family (married parents with three children) were set to close their time in the two-year Faith Community Homes program when they experienced serious setbacks related to COVID-19. As a result, they needed a six-month extension and recently celebrated their completion of the program.

In a letter to their Faith Community Homes case manager and volunteer mentors, Dad Y wrote:

“All I can say on behalf of myself and our family is thank you to the FCH team. You have all been very supportive and enabled us to see light at the end of the tunnel. Life seemed without hope when we joined FCH over two years ago. Through your relentless guidance and mentoring, we made progress and found hope. We are grateful and thankful.”

Finding a way out of crisis

Single mom “Carla” completed her two-year program with Faith Community Homes in fall 2020. Fortunately, Carla remained employed during the pandemic. She had significant debt when she entered our program and was behind on all her bills, including rent and utilities. Now, all of Carla’s bills are current and her debt is largely paid off. Her credit score increased by 150 points.

For the first time since her teenager was born, Carla now has money in her savings account. Her mentors played a pivotal role in helping her organize her bills, get on a schedule, negotiate payoff settlements, and gain self-esteem along the way. Most important, Carla is no longer in crisis, financially or emotionally, and has a solid plan for her future.

We are grateful to all the volunteers, donors and supporters who help Faith Community Homes empower families and serve as a source of light and hope for our neighbors in need.


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