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Moving from a job toward a career encourages growth and stability

Finding a career path and developing stronger finances helped “Maddie” maintain confidence and family stability, especially in trying times.

A single mom with a toddler, shown, moves from a job toward a career and builds growth and stability.
Stock photo from Pexels

When single mom “Maddie” entered the FamilyForward program, she was working two part-time jobs. Soon after meeting Maddie, her mentors saw that she was capable of greater growth and responsibility at work. Over time, as they developed a trusting relationship with Maddie, her mentors encouraged her to pursue a career, not just a job.

Coaching pays off with growth and stability

With coaching and input from her mentors, Maddie conducted a targeted job search. In their weekly meetings they worked on tailoring her resume and practicing interview questions. Eventually, Maddie landed a job that increased her monthly income by $1,400.

Concurrent with the job search, Maddie’s volunteer mentors helped her develop a household budget to accommodate her family’s needs. They coached her in creating a strategy for where to put every dollar. The FamilyForward rent subsidy allowed Maddie to put her “extra” money toward debt reduction and savings. By the time she finished the two-year program, Maddie increased her credit score by more than 100 points and tripled the amount of money she had in savings. The coaching had paid off with growth and stability.

Moving forward, despite the challenges

During her time with FamilyForward, life threw Maddie several curveballs. One of her children was diagnosed with a chronic health condition that will require lifelong treatment and medication. Not long after, Maddie’s father experienced a health crisis that resulted in a long hospitalization. Thankfully, he has recovered. Maddie had to juggle the logistics of doctor appointments, administering medications and making up for missed time at her job while also dealing with the constant emotional stress of worrying about her child and her father.

Despite these challenges, Maddie endured. She found a way to press forward. Finding a career path and developing stronger finances were important for Maddie’s confidence and her family’s stability, especially in trying times. When asked if she had any concerns as she graduated from the FamilyForward program, Maddie replied, “Not really. But I am going to miss the mentoring. That was very important and kept me going. FamilyForward has changed my life.”


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