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Breakfast gathering celebrates FamilyForward mentors

The breakfast gathering for FamilyForward mentors was a wonderful opportunity to thank them for their dedicated service to our families.

On Saturday, February 4, the FamilyForward staff and board hosted a breakfast gathering for past and present volunteer mentors. Held in Fellowship Hall at First Presbyterian Church of Arlington Heights, a total of 20 of our mentors were able to join us for a time of fellowship and celebration of our 20th anniversary year. More important, the event provided a great opportunity for board members and staff to thank FF mentors for their dedicated service to our families.

These committed mentors empower, encourage and equip our families with confidence and skills as they work to achieve financial independence. The event was a wonderful opportunity to reconnect, reflect and allow mentors to share their experiences, successes and lessons learned. We are truly grateful for their nonjudgmental, unconditional and compassionate support for our families.

Linda Nicholas, a volunteer who has mentored five families since 2016, said, “My clients always know more than I do. They teach me. I have small tidbits to offer, of resources they have not yet tapped (though that is rare), but they teach me so much about endurance, courage and resiliency.” Thank you, Linda, and all our mentors — your dedication is inspiring!


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