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Community advocate produces FCH video

Local partners are key to getting the word out about Faith Community Homes. We are grateful to Jason Stallard and The Stallard Group at Keller Williams for creating a video about FCH and featuring our mission in their Love Local - OFF 53 initiative.

Community advocate and local Keller Williams real estate agent Jason Stallard recently featured Faith Community Homes in The Stallard Group’s Love Local – OFF 53 initiative. We are very grateful to Jason and his team for producing this amazing video, which effectively captures the essence of what we do to help low-income families rise above poverty.

In addition to being experts in residential real estate, The Stallard Group focuses on community advocacy and sharing the stories of local businesses and nonprofits in the communities they serve in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. The Love Local – OFF 53 initiative works to showcase the positive things these organizations contribute to the greater community.

The Stallard Group launched OFF 53 in 2017 “as a way to help tell the stories of the good things happening in and around our communities,” Jason says. “We are on a mission to promote the good off of Route 53 through real estate, collaboration and a selfless community-first approach.”

We encourage our supporters to check out the Love Local – OFF 53 Facebook page, @lovelocaloff53, to learn more about how Jason and The Stallard Group are working for good by highlighting positive stories in the northwest suburbs.


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