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Holidays shine, thanks to For Papa’s Sake Home Care

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

For Papa's Sake Home Care collected more than $5,600 in gift cards for FamilyForward families and then matched that amount, dollar for dollar, in a cash donation.

For Papa's Sake staff presented a generous donation of gift cards and a matching check to FamilyForward families.
For Papa's Sake management team, shown with Sarah Harte (center), FamilyForward program manager.

We are deeply thankful for the amazing generosity of For Papa’s Sake Home Care (FPS) and its supportive community, who helped make the holidays a whole lot brighter for our FamilyForward families. Throughout November and December 2021, FPS collected $5,635 in gift cards. Then, FPS matched this amount, dollar for dollar, in a cash donation. The total donation added up to $11,270 to help families in our program. “We are grateful to work with FamilyForward and continue to help strengthen the community together,” said Becky Reel, FPS executive director. “We were so touched by the generosity our community showed with this effort and were happy to provide the matching funds. It truly was our honor.”

The donation from For Papa’s Sake reflects the organization’s focus on helping others. “Many of us have been in similar shoes, and just needed a little help,” Reel said. “We wanted FamilyForward parents to have the opportunity to purchase their own gifts for their kids. Being able to provide for your kids is a source of pride.”

A focus on helping families

Founded in 2011 and located in Arlington Heights, FPS owner Ellen Simon created the home-care company after her father (whom the grandkids called “Papa”) “had a tragic end of life at a nursing home,” according to Reel. To keep his legacy alive and help families, FPS launched its mission to provide high-quality, trusted care in the home.

One principle that distinguishes FPS is its commitment to communication with clients and their families, which is critically important in the effort to keep elderly people, and others in need of assistance, at home and safe. Another FPS core value is involvement in the larger community. Reel and other FPS staffers initially learned about FamilyForward when they met Chuck Warner, recently retired executive director, through the Arlington Heights Chamber of Commerce. “Being a part of the Arlington Heights community has always been a strong passion of FPS. We love FamilyForward’s mission and what you do for the community,” added Reel.

FPS sees an alignment between its work and that of FamilyForward, in that both organizations provide support to the local community. “For Papa’s Sake is about supporting families through challenging times in their lives. While we typically deal with the elderly and end of life, it’s still about supporting families and our community, which directly aligns with FamilyForward’s mission. We ultimately just want to help strengthen our community.”


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