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Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Read these brief stories of progress and hope from three families in the FamilyForward program in 2021.

Mom and daughter - Joy Stories, FamilyForward blog
Stock photo from Pixabay

Single mom is now debt-free, thanks to hard work and helpful guidance

During her time with FamilyForward (formerly, Faith Community Homes), single mom “Bonnie” got a new full-time job with benefits, which increased her take-home income by $600 per month. With guidance and encouragement from her volunteer mentors, Bonnie paid off all her credit cards and now lives debt-free!

Bonnie can pay all her own bills on time and, for the first time since her child was born, she has money in the bank for future emergencies. Thanks to FamilyForward and her own hard work, Bonnie is out of crisis on and a path to stability.

Making progress toward stability after downward financial spiral

“Emily” applied to Faith Community Homes/FamilyForward after complicated life circumstances sent her into a downward financial spiral. She wanted stability for herself and her children but did not know how to get there. During her first year with FCH/FF, Emily has been learning to live within the budget that she and her volunteer mentors developed together.

She is slowly paying down her debt, and, for the first time in many years, she is current on all her bills. One of her volunteer mentors recently told her, “Emily, sometimes we are not your best friends, and we say things you don’t want to hear. But that’s what tough love is all about. We care about you.” When asked to reflect on her first year with FCH/FF, Emily answered, “I didn't know this journey would be so emotional. But it’s a good emotion. I am doing this!”

Financial breathing room allows movement toward goals

When Mom S’s husband walked out on her and their three kids, she fell behind on many bills, including rent and utilities. The stress was crushing her. The Faith Community Homes/FamilyForward rent subsidy allowed her and the kids to stay in their apartment and catch up on bills.

Now that her finances are stable, and after meeting with her FCH/FF mentors for over a year, Mom S has taken steps to start her new chapter. She applied for, and got, a higher paying job in her industry. And she just began classes in a professional certification program. FCH gives parents the breathing room to make good decisions and to move forward toward their goals.

We are grateful to all the volunteers, donors and supporters who help FamilyForward empower families and serve as a source of light and hope for our neighbors in need.


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