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JOY STORIES: Early 2024

Read these brief stories of progress and hope from four families in the FamilyForward program as of early 2024.

Read these FamilyForward Joy Stories from early 2024

For families participating in the FamilyForward program, the monthly rent subsidy helps to stabilize their housing situation. It helps create some financial space for parents to begin to visualize and build a better future. The family’s two dedicated volunteer mentors guide practical goal setting and provide accountability to help parents reach their objectives and develop financial stability. The journey to a better life has begun.


Here are some highlights from FamilyForward program participants from the last few months:  


  • Mom V paid off all the past-due taxes she owed to the IRS. Next year, she will get to keep her tax-refund money.

  • Mom H reflected on when she joined the program, 10 months ago: “I felt defeated and unsure about what was going to happen with my living situation and money. Now I have some relief, and I can see that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.” 

  • Mom N, a single mom of two children who works full time, returned to school last semester to pursue a professional certificate in her field. She passed the first prerequisite class. Keep up the good work, Mom N!

  • Mom R was recognized by her employer for outstanding customer service and positive contributions to the work culture in the office. She received a certificate and a bonus check. Congratulations, Mom R!

As each participant in our program works, in their own way, to build a better life for their children, FamilyForward is there for them, every step of the way.


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