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JOY STORIES: Late 2023

Read these brief stories of progress and hope from five families in the FamilyForward program as of late 2023.

Mom in the FamilyForward family program hugs her baby daughter.
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Until a family has secure housing, they cannot achieve their other goals. The FamilyForward rent subsidy stabilizes a family’s housing and, in the process, frees up some mental and emotional space so the parent can focus on other goals.


Here are some highlights from FamilyForward program participants from the last few months:  


  • Mom S completed the Certified Nursing Assistant program at Harper College, passed the state licensing exam, and got a new position making $3 per hour more than she was making before.

  • Mom L paid off her payday loan.

  • Mom K paid off her car. No more monthly car payments!  

  • Mom T had the oral surgery that she has so desperately needed. She is now pain-free.


  • After only six months in our program, Mom R has $450 in her savings account. This is the most money she has ever had in the bank in her entire life. She is eager to continue to add to her savings so she can cover future emergencies. 


FamilyForward knows that every family has their own story. What works for one family will not work for another family. Our volunteer mentors address the strengths and needs of the particular family they are matched with to help that family move forward toward financial stability.  


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