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JOY STORIES: Late 2021

Read these brief stories of progress and hope from three families in the FamilyForward program in late 2021.

Mom and daughter achieve housing stability with the help of FamilyForward
Stock photo from Pexels

Housing stability provides platform for career growth

The same week that we officially changed our name to FamilyForward, Mom V took a big step forward. She began classes for a professional certification in her field of work that will eventually increase her earning potential.

The last few years have been turbulent for Mom V and her children. However, the FamilyForward rent subsidy stabilized their housing, and Mom V’s mentors are helping her get her finances under control. Now she is ready to advance her career. Congratulations, Mom V, on moving forward toward your goal of financial stability!

Financial advocacy enables solid living situation

After years of frequent moves and unstable shared housing, Mom E and her children finally have an apartment of their own. With advocacy and financial backing from FamilyForward, a local landlord agreed to rent to Mom E because she is part of a structured program of rent assistance and mentoring. Housing is the first step in Mom E’s journey to financial stability. Congratulations, E family, and welcome home!

"My mentors were the only true support I have had for the past two years."

Mentors’ support empowers smart choices and growth

During her two years in the FamilyForward program, Mom T grew her monthly income, paid off most of her debt, and set aside enough money to cover three months’ worth of expenses for future emergencies.

Upon finishing the program, she reflected, “I needed some assistance so that pressure could be relieved while I worked on putting some stability back in my child’s life. My mentors were the only true support I have had for the past two years — two people who are not family or in my personal friendship circle but gave me the “ear” I needed to figure things out. From helping me problem-solve situations to the occasional gift card that allows me to save my own cash, my mentors are always supportive. I knew that if I could get my own apartment, a place to call home, I could change things for my child. You gave me the opportunity I needed.”


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