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JOY STORIES: Late 2022

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Read these brief stories of progress and hope from three families in the FamilyForward program as of late 2022.

Stock photo from Pexels

Honest feedback helps family meet goals

By the end of their two years in the FamilyForward program, Mom and Dad P grew their incomes, reduced their spending and improved their credit scores. In their final meeting, they told their volunteer mentors, “You made us see things that we couldn’t see. You told us things we didn’t want to hear, even though they were true. You were honest and straightforward. You didn’t sugarcoat anything. We appreciate that.”

Learning to believe in herself again

Mom B has faced many challenges in recent years. With guidance and encouragement from her FamilyForward mentors, she is learning how to manage her finances and, more important, learning how to believe in herself again. “You believed in me when no one else did. Thank you,” she said.

“FamilyForward mentors customize their support strategy to the unique needs and circumstances of each family.”

Small accomplishments build confidence

Three months ago, Mom P entered the FamilyForward program wondering how she was going to survive and keep a roof over her kids’ heads. As her mentors continue to meet with her weekly, she knows that she is not alone. They give her a to-do list each week, helping her to chip away at problems that felt overwhelming to her.

Mom P still has a long way to go to repair her finances. But, after only three months, she no longer feels like her life is spiraling out of control. She recently texted her mentors: “I’m starting to feel some personal agency again.”

Each family in the FamilyForward program is different, and each faces their own set of problems to overcome as they seek to improve their lives. That’s why FamilyForward mentors customize their support strategy to the unique needs and circumstances of each family. This tailored approach is one very big factor in families’ success as they work to overcome a host of challenges to build a better life.


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