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Recognizing the vital partnership of our local faith community

FamilyForward continues to appreciate the ongoing strong support from area churches and faith-based organizations. This collaboration with our local faith community, dating back to our beginning, is vital to the sustainability of our organization. We value opportunities to work creatively with these partners to help carry out our mission.

A few months ago, Kingswood United Methodist Church in Buffalo Grove generously selected FamilyForward as one of the beneficiaries of its Lenten offering. The church invited FamilyForward leadership to speak at four worship services, share a video and answer questions. Church members responded, donating $4,092 to FamilyForward. “At Kingswood United Methodist Church we are so grateful for FamilyForward and the work they do for the community. There continues to be a deep need for affordable housing. FamilyForward is committed to helping those in need. Kingswood is also committed to helping others in need, which is why we are committed to supporting and partnering with FamilyForward,” said Assistant Pastor Clayton Edwards.

In another recent example, last April, Arlington Countryside Church in Arlington Heights invited FamilyForward board members to staff a booth at its Women’s Ministry Craft Fair. Along with providing this opportunity to showcase our work, the congregation graciously donated $500 in proceeds from the event’s bake sale to FamilyForward. These types of partnerships provide crucial support in our mission to strengthen working families to achieve financial independence.


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